Call of Duty Players are Using Warzone’s Helicopter for Impressively Pointless Stunts

Call of Duty Players are Using Warzone’s Helicopter for Impressively Pointless Stunts: Call of Duty: Warzone just banned helicopters from the battle royal mode. But before that happened, a band of gallant heroes fulfilled a quest nobody else was courageous enough to attempt: moving a vehicle onto the field. What’s so spectacular and goofy about this specific stunt is that Warzone’s choppers aren’t built to hoist trucks — instead. Players are driving the jeep on top of the helicopter and hitching rides on the rotor blades.
A Reddit post from user BoldWarrior14 shows a Warzone squad utilizing the helicopter to transport a vehicle (named the SUV in-game) onto the game’s huge stadium. The team uses several techniques to convert this dream into a reality.
The idea is simple: One buddy flies a helicopter near the stadium, while another drives a jeep onto the top rotor. If done correctly — as seen in BoldWarrior14’s video — the jeep will balance carefully on top of the helicopter. After then, it’s merely a straightforward technique of flying the helicopter, weighed down by the enormous jeep, up above the stadium.
Call of Duty Players
But there are a lot of forces going against #TeamMountainGoat, as they name themselves. First, they have to approach near enough to the stadium to drop down the jeep without crashing the chopper. Next, they have to get lucky enough not to get slaughtered by the other players in the game – an issue that pops up a few times in the video.
Once the squad manages to overcome the game’s unusual physics and places the jeep where a jeep was never intended to be, celebrations erupt. There’s something incredibly spectacular about watching the vehicle wander free on top of the big stadium. And then watch it drop back to the earth it knows so well when #TeamMountainGoat drives it off the edge.
This is not #TeamMountainGoat’s first rodeo when it comes to moving large vehicles onto high places. a month ago, the crew hauled a single-man ATV onto the coliseum. But the supporters desire more, as the comment section on this Reddit post. Already has some users urging #TeamMountainGoat to raise Big Bertha – Warzone’s gigantic. Heavy-duty “cargo truck” — onto the stadium next. “I may choose life over the [Reddit] Karma but we shall see! ;),” stated BraveWarrior14.
In the meantime, we’ll be waiting, wondering what hefty thing #TeamMountainGoat will defy physics with next.


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