This Adorable Bot Is a Roomba for Your Garden

From one of the creators of Roomba comes a Roomba for your garden, a robot called Tetrill (pronounced “turtle”). The chemical-free, solar-powered, two-and-a-half-pound Tetrill is a small mower that identifies weeds by their height.

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It uses sensors to search around like a simple Roomba. According to the machine’s Kickstarter campaign page, it uses a simple metric to distinguish greenness: “Shrubs are short, plants are tall.” Using a rotating string trimmer, it mows small weeds every day until the weeds lose all their energy and die.

If your plants are still growing, Franklin Robotics, the creators of Terrill, provides customers with a protective metal collar around the plants. Tetrill notices the collar and leaves. Tetrills also need to be boxed in somehow, whether with a wooden barrier or fence, to prevent them from wandering off. Tetril is designed for an area of ​​about 100 square feet, which its creators have determined is the standard size for most American gardens.

This Adorable Bot Is a Roomba for Your Garden

The company hopes to add more features as Tetrills receives funding, including the activation of motion sensors to react to various small critters found in gardens. Still, in the early stages, a pledge of $225 will get you on the list for one if you’re in time for the Early Bird deal. As always, heed our Kickstarter caveat — who knows if it will come out in time, or if it will be any good. But Tetrell seems to have a solid team behind him. Shipments are scheduled to take place during spring 2018, just in time for a new planting season.

If Abel’s methods really work, the bulk of robotic programming may soon be a thing of the past. Especially considering that OpenAI is far from the only company in this regard. Microsoft recently started training AI using an experimental version of its game Minecraft. The trick is just making sure these robots don’t learn anything that could lead to the end of the human race.


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