BitLife: Learn How To Become Queen Challenge

BitLife: BitLife has a new challenge this week that many players are having trouble completing. This week’s challenge is the “Queen Mother Challenge”. This challenge has many tasks that need to be aligned at the right time to achieve success. So today we will see how to be born as a woman and become a queen in England in the BitLife Queen Mother Challenge.

There are four things you need to do to complete the Queen Mother Challenge in BitLife.

  • A woman born in England.
  • Be the Queen of England for 70 years.
  • Have 20+ children during your reign.
  • Never get a driving license.

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So you need to be born a princess in England or marry a member of the royal family. Then you need to rise fast as the Queen of England. Then you need to produce 20 babies as the queen, all the while avoiding the driver’s license is the easiest part of this queen mother challenges. You don’t get a “driving test” at any point during the game. But the rest can be tricky, so we’ll look at them in more detail.

How to be born as a female in England in BitLife

To be born as a female in England (BitLife) you need to take 4 main steps:

  • Start by creating your character.
  • Select your gender as “Female”.
  • Select your country as “United Kingdom”.
  • Next, select any city of your choice (preferably London)

How to become Queen of England in BitLife

To become the Queen of England in BitLife, you need to make sure you are born as a princess of the current king and queen. This will be very easy to do if you have “God Mode” enabled. Otherwise, you have to keep starting a new game as a woman in England, until you happen to get a royalty. If you’re out of luck, your next best option is to meet and marry a royal in England. This is possible through dating apps or by meeting them and falling in love. Once you get married, you have a much higher chance of becoming a queen.

If you are born as a princess, you need to grow your character to adulthood, then kill both the current king and queen to replace them as the ruler of the kingdom. This is the easiest way to become a queen. Once you become the Queen of England, then date any man, use the time pass option, and instantly propose and marry.

Once you are married, go to the “Relationships” tab, click on your husband, then click on the “Love” option. You have to repeat this until you get a prompt on the screen saying “You are pregnant with your husband’s child”. You have to place the child, and then click on the “+Age” button. You can repeat this until you have 20 children as per the challenging task. Once you complete 70 years of your reign, you will successfully complete the BitLife Queen Mother Challenge.

It’s all about how to be born a woman in England and become a queen in the BitLife Queen Mother Challenge. For more tips and tricks, check out our BitLife guides on GamerTweak.


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