Best Theme Teams in Madden 22 (2022)

Best Theme Teams in Madden 22: With the real-life NFL offseason in full swing, football fans are still hitting the sticks on Madden 22 to get ready for the upcoming season. And one area that has gained mass appeal over the past few months is Madden Ultimate Team’s theme teams.

Apart from the fact that people love to play with past and present NFL players of their favorite NFL teams, theme teams also help boost your player ratings immensely, which non-theme teams cannot. So, there’s certainly good reason to spend some time discovering your favorite theme team in Madden 22. Luckily, we’ve compiled the best overall theme teams in Madden 22 to help you get started.

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Best Theme Teams in Madden 22

Los Angeles Rams

After winning the Super Bowl in 2022, the Los Angeles Rams officially hold the best theme team in Madden 22. Featuring a truly outstanding defense, complemented by a high-flying offense. On the offensive side, this high-powered Rams team has 98 OVR Joe Namath at QB, 98 OVR Eric Dickerson at HB, and 92 OVR Gerald Everett at TE. Along with 99 OVR Cooper Kupp, 97 OVR Torey Holt, and 96 OVR Brandin Cooks at WR.

These players are backed up with a great offensive line that includes 99 OVR Andrew Whitworth at LT, 94 OVR Roger Seefold at LG, and 96 OVR Jackie Slater at RT. But defense is where this team really shines. Headlined by 98 OVR Elroy Hirsch at RE, 98 OVR Jack Young at LE, and 98 OVR Aaron Donald at DT. Along with 97 OVR Robert Quinn in ROLB, 97 OVR Von Miller in LOLB, and 97 OVR Clay Matthews in MLB.

Not to mention their backfield that is absolutely perfect with a 98 OVR Knight T Lane, a 97 OVR David Long Jr., and a 96 OVR Jalen Ramsey at CB. Along with a 97 OVR Nick Scott and a 96 OVR Eric Weddle at safety. Creating the best overall theme team in Madden 22.

Dallas Cowboys

Another unusual option for those looking for a well-balanced team is the Dallas Cowboys, who have some of the biggest names in football on both sides of the ball. On offense, the Cowboys are led by 96 OVR Tony Romo at QB, 97 OVR Tony Pollard at HB, and 93 OVR Dalton Schultz at FB. Along with an incredibly deep and talented receiving corps that includes 99 OVR Jimmy Smith, 97 OVR Trevon Diggs, 96 OVR Michael Irvin, and 96 OVR Randall Cobb.

However, their defense is really something to watch. 98 OVR with Randy Gregory at RE, 98 OVR Ed ‘Too Tall’ Jones at LE, and 94 OVR Jay Ratliff at DT. Along with 98 OVR Demarcus Ware in ROLB, 98 OVR Micah Parsons in LOLB, and 96 OVR Damien Wilson in MLB. Also included is an impressive backfield with 99 OVR Deon Sanders, 98 OVR Aaron Glenn, and 97 OVR Trevon Diggs at CB, along with 98 OVR Byron Jones and 93 Keanu Neal at safety. Combining for one of the best goal theme teams in Madden 22.

San Francisco 49ers

The last theme team that offers great value is the San Francisco 49ers, who have explosive options on offense, and ridiculously athletic defense. Headlined by 97 OVR Trey Lance at QB, 95 OVR Roger Craig at HB, 97 OVR Kyle Juszczyk at FB, as well as 98 OVR Debo Samuel at WR, and 97 OVR Jerry Rice on offense. Not to mention 96 OVR Vernon Davis at TE, and 95 OVR George Kittle, all centered behind a stout offensive line that includes Trent Williams (94) and Alex Mack (94).

On defense, the 49ers bolster a ton of playmakers all over the field. Including 94 OVR Arik Armstead at LE, 95 OVR Nick Bosa at RE, 97 OVR DeForest Buckner at DT, and 97 OVR Fred Warner at MLB. In the backfield, San Francisco has 99 OVR Dion Sanders, 98 OVR D.J. Reid Jr., and 95 OVR Richard Sherman at CB. Creating a more balanced and high-flying squad capable of scoring points at a moment’s notice.


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