Here are 10 Best Muck Seeds For Loot And Survival 2022

Muck Seeds: Are you looking for the best Mickey seeds in the game? Well, we have compiled a list of the same for you. These seeds will give you access to maps that have lots of resources and items. You can use these items later in the game to craft some of the higher-level weapons and items.

10 Best Mac Game Seeds (2022)

  • sussy: This seed will have multiple black chests that will spawn nearby. These chests contain stat buffs and power-ups. You will also be able to access the Pitman Hut which has useful items such as pickaxes, steel boots, food, and 65 coins. You can even use the furnace inside the hut for sewing and crafts.
  • slythergames: Right near the spawn point you will find a cave. Inside, you’ll find a gold pickaxe. This will allow you to get higher-level resources in the game.

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  • wtf jeremy you motherfu-: This dung seed will allow you to get gold x directly from the wagon near your spawn point. You’ll also spawn very close to caves and shipwrecks.
  • 221294511: This code will spawn you in a seed near a cave with a Knightblade weapon. You will also be able to find shipwrecks from Update 3.
  • -1038521939: In this seed, you’ll spawn near a cave with a hammer shaft inside. There are 2 chests in this cave where you can get different resources from.
  • 69420: In this seed, you will be able to spawn near two chefs’ huts. In these chef’s huts, you’ll find two carts loaded with chests.
  • Big Chunk: This seed will have a number of resources you can use including trees, rock, iron, mithril, ​​and adamantine.
  • Dev: If you log into this badge in Muk, you will be able to start your journey with the Knight Blade Sword.
  • poopoo: If you choose this badge you will be able to spawn in a shed that has Mythril Axe, Steel Sword, and Steel Pick.
  • Denisking: Choosing this badge will allow you to start your journey near the hut with early game tools.

How to Insert the Seed

  • The first thing you need to do is host a server on Mac.
  • Now, click and look at the right side of the screen to host a lobby.
  • Here you will see a text box below the word ‘Seed’ where you can enter the codes.
  • Now, start the game and you will enter this badge.

Here’s everything you need to know about the best poppy seeds. If you want to know about Mac Creative Mode, check out our guide on that as well.


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