Best Modern Warfare 2 Melee Weapons

Best Modern Warfare 2 Melee Weapons: Here’s everything you need to know about the best Modern Warfare 2 melee weapons. Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer mode includes a plethora of weapons. While players enjoy playing with a variety of weapons, their preference for the best melee weapons in MW2 should not be overlooked. Melee weapons are much more effective in combat, and players enjoy using them. To do so, you’ll need to use the best melee you can find, and given the options in Modern Warfare 2, you’ll have to make do with them. This guide will show you the best melee in the game and how to use them. So let’s take a look at this guide and get them.

Best Melee Weapons in MW2

Melee weapons are great for silent kills or showing off a melee kill against your opponent. In Modern Warfare 2, they can even be part of objectives or challenges. Melee weapons are extremely useful when dealing with tight corners or having good map knowledge. The disadvantage of melee weapons in comparison to the best assault rifles or SMGs is that they are only useful at close range.

In Modern Warfare 2, there are only two melee weapons: the Combat Knife and the Tactical Shield. The Combat Knife is the best melee weapon in MW2. Combat Knife is a fast, lethal, and effective melee weapon. When properly connected, it is essentially a one-shot.

When compared to Combat Knife, Riot Shield is essentially large, bulky, and slow. Furthermore, Riot Shield will make you a target for the enemy. However, if you have a good team, you can take advantage of this.

You can also unlock the Orion and Polyatomic camo for Combat Knife, which will improve its appearance.


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