Avengers: Endgame, The Series’ Longest Battle will End – and It’s Not Thanos

As the concluding chapter of “The Infinity Saga,” Avengers: Endgame must accomplish a great deal of groundwork before it can be considered a success. The conclusion of Marvel Studios’ 22-film run needed to first discover the emotional core of the series and then pay off all of the setups that had taken us to this point.

And, based on the new trailer for Endgame, the emotional through-line may not be the gathering of every hero under the sun onto one gigantic splash page, but rather the conflicted connection between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.


The actions that took place in Captain America: Civil War fractured the Avengers. Rogers is one of the few male characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who isn’t a genius, or kind of a jerk, or both, and moments of respect between the two men have always been a big deal. Stark and Rogers butted heads throughout the previous movies, and any moment of respect between the two men was always a big deal.

The revelation that Captain America’s best friend Bucky Barnes was responsible for the deaths of Tony Stark’s parents brought an end to the Civil War, and those members of the Avengers who refused to submit to government monitoring were forced into hiding.

The “initiative” that Nick Fury had taken had been unsuccessful. Rogers provided Stark with an old-fashioned flip phone if the two of them needed to get in touch in the event of an emergency, but that was it. The heroes will each go their separate ways in the subsequent films and pursue their own goals.

The fact that Iron Man and Captain America were on opposing sides of the battlefield during Avengers: Infinity War was ultimately disastrous for Stark.

Thanos was the embodiment of all of Stark’s resentment and insecurity at his inability to ensure the safety of Earth, and he represented the existential threat that he had feared throughout the series. Stark, together with Doctor Strange and Spider-Man, blasted off in a spaceship to engage in combat with Thanos on what was remained of the Mad Titan’s home planet.

Rogers had been living a life of crime up until the time of the Infinity War, but he showed up to assist Scarlet Witch and Vision in their conflict with the Children of Thanos. Later, he went to Wakanda to meet up with the other remaining members of the Avengers, but they were also unable to stop Thane’s. With a snap of his fingers, Thanos wiped out half of all life in the universe, including portions of the Avengers and Spider-Man, in a scene that has since become iconic and heartbreaking.

Rogers, who was unable to save the day by being an unnaturally good guy, and Stark, who was unable to keep the Earth, not to mention the young superhero who was more or less under his care, safe were both ruined as a result of “The Decimation.” “The Decimation” It is natural and understandable that both of these characters would experience a crisis of faith as a result of the fact that the good men were defeated.

Even after the release of the first Endgame trailer, everything was still at that point. Stark was drifting through space as he awaited the moment he would pass away after sending one final message to Pepper Pots.

Rogers was grappling with his failure to protect those around him, and his impulse to fight back is portrayed as a desperate thing in the following sentences: What else is he going to do with his life if he isn’t going to fight for other people, even if he thinks that the people he’s fighting for are going to lose? How much of him is still intact after he poured everything he had into the fight against Thanos but still came up short?

This was the entire message that Thanos was trying to convey to the Avengers throughout the events of Infinity War: Sometimes you can do everything perfectly and you still end up losing.

Endgame needs to respond to the question of what each character will do now that they have been through that event.

Avengers: Endgame, The Series' Longest Battle will End - and It's Not Thanos


We already knew that Stark would survive his mission into space because he appeared wearing the new Avengers suit in the teaser that was released two weeks ago. However, the scenes between Stark and Rogers in the trailer that was released today make that story point even more obvious. If they were ever going to figure out what the hell is going on with each other, the post-apocalyptic world would be a fairly decent time to do it.

These are the two characters that have been the driving force behind the story from the very beginning, and it was their rivalry that caused the Avengers to become divided in the first place. When viewed as a whole, Stark’s journey is considerably more sinister than it appears in any one movie: In Iron Man 2, he argued that he is the only person who can use the Iron Man technology responsibly and keep it safe.

However, his failures after that point led him to believe so strongly that someone else needed to be responsible for his decisions that he was willing to go to war with Steve Rogers. He went from being the one who invented the Iron Man technology to arguing that he is the only person who can use it responsibly and keep it safe.

Throughout The Infinity Saga, Stark’s path has been about overcoming his fear of the unknown while also satisfying his drive to keep the world safe. The last time he attempted to do so, he ended up creating a supervillain.

His mental health problems, which were exacerbated in each picture and were virtually never taken seriously by the other members of the team, robbed him of his self-confidence and made it difficult for him to see clearly enough to make the significant judgments that needed to be made. When Endgame starts, we anticipate that he will be the character who has suffered the most damage.

But Rogers is forced to deal with the fallout of Thanos’s actions on Earth, and he wants to fight back for the most part only as a matter of routine. Before Thanos, his life consisted of little more than his profession and a sense of responsibility, and after Thanos, there is even less in the universe for him to genuinely care about than there was before. He is operating on autopilot, and it does not appear that he has very much more fight in him.

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Stark’s voice can be heard saying, “It’s not about how much we lost,” in the voice-over. “It comes down to how much is still available to us. We are known as the Avengers. We must complete this.

When compared to where the characters were left off in the previous trailers, both emotionally and physically, this is a significant change. Stark, of all people, is giving Rogers the pep talk that seems essential for Captain America to get his head back in the game, and Rogers, of all people, seems to have truly needed it. Stark is giving Rogers the pep talk that is necessary for Captain America to get his head back in the game. After than comes the clincher.

“You trust me,” Stark tells Rogers. It sounds more like a statement than a question when you say it out loud. Rogers responds, “I do,” and then the two of them shake on it, which is the scene that serves as the trailer’s “money shot.”

The conclusion of “Avengers: Endgame” comes down to this moment. Steve Rogers and Tony Stark needed to discover a way to appreciate and care for one another, but it appears that the end of the world was necessary for that to occur.

It is because of how deftly these films were organized and marketed that the connection between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers is the most significant piece of unfinished business that is left in the course of the series. The end of the planet is not the primary danger, as it has already occurred. The world will never again exist. The tension does not stem from the question of whether or not Stark will survive the journey back to Earth; as a result of these trailers, we already know that he will.

However, there was always the question of whether or not they would develop a long-lasting mutual trust, and whether or not this trust would assist them in completing their tasks rather than ruining the team at every step through constant fighting or petty disagreements. The story is reminiscent of the original Avengers film directed by Joss Whedon, in which a group of people had to work together for the benefit of humanity.

As a result of the meta-knowledge that the contracts of Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Evans’ time in the MCU will be over after this picture, the hook is all designed to be considerably more poignant than it would have been otherwise.

They may come back to the roles, or they may not, but if Rogers and Stark can make peace with themselves and with each other, then both characters will be able to walk out knowing that they’ve grown and achieved their goal. This might happen whether or not they come back to play the roles.

As suggested by the image in the promotional material depicting these three original Avengers going up against Thanos, all three of these characters may perish during the events of Endgame.

It is possible that some or all of those characters will perish during the effort; nevertheless, the most crucial point is that Iron Man and Captain America, who have fought like a worn-out married couple over the entirety of the story, will perish together. And they will pass away while risking their lives to defend the people they care about.

I can’t think of anything else that would make a better conclusion to one of the most intriguing relationships explored in these movies than what just happened.


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