Anime Mania Tier List 2022 –A List of Best Characters Ranked

Anime Mania: If you’re looking for the best characters in Anime Mania, check out this tiered list. We have arranged all the characters in this game in several levels, right from level S to level C. Tier S has the best characters, and Tier C has the worst.

In Roblox Anime Mania Tier List 2022

Check out the ranked list of the best characters in Anime Mania below.

Steer in Roblox Anime Mania

S Tier includes the best characters from Anime Mania.

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SMadara (Mudra)
SLezuko (Nezuko Kamado)
SCharlotte Katakuri (Mochi Master)
SJohnny Joestar Tusk Act 4 (Joenie Act 4)

A Tier

The characters in the A tier of Anime Mania offer decent performance.

AEnrico Pucci (Gucci)
AFunny Valentine (Humourous Valentine)
AKakashi MS (Takashi MS)
AChild Boo (Kid Buu)
AWise Sage (Jiraiya)
ATsunade (Slug Sage)
AGod Eneru (Thunder God)
AYoshikage Kira (Yoshi Kira)
APrime White Bear (Prime Whitebeard)

B Tier

The characters in this list are good, but they do not offer the best performance.

BHit (Stagger)
BWeather Report (Weather Reporter)
BStarrk (Zarrk)
BEndeavor (Hellflame)
BKurapika (Kuramika)
BAll Might (All Mighty)
BFreezing Inferno (Todoroki)
BHauled Over (Overhaul)

C Tier

This tier features characters that offer the poorest performance in Anime Mania.

CMinato (Minatoes)
CGojo (Nojo)
CKentachi (Kenpachi)
CPisuke (Kisuke)
CLace (Ace)
CSon Monkey SSJ (Goku SSJ)
CYamamoto (Tamamoto)
CAsta (Masta)
CNil (Ulquiorra)
CHawkme (Mihawk)
CDio (Deus)
CItachi (Awakened Hitachi)
CHanks (Shanks)

And this brings us to the end of this best characters tier list in Anime Mania. Now, you can choose the best characters the next time you play this fun game.

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