Almost a quarter of us don’t clean our carpets – here’s why

A quarter of us don’t clean our carpets: Pulling the rug out on our dirty secrets. There’s no denying that vacuuming carpets is a chore, but it’s something we all do to keep our homes nice and smelling good, right? wrong.

A survey by smart home technology specialists ProSynq has revealed some home truths about what goes on behind the closed doors of UK households – and for many, what happens. It does not include cleaning or vacuuming. carpet

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Now it’s possible that households in the US and other parts of the world are more diligent about such tasks, but the results are surprising, to say the least, especially since there are so many great vacuum cleaners out there are out there that are readily available, not too difficult to get hold of and in fact not difficult at all to use.

Given how quickly our carpets can begin to harbor unseen germs, as well as more visible dirt and grime, keeping floors clean and tidy is especially important if you have children or pets.

So we were surprised to learn that 27% of those surveyed said they don’t clean their carpets. It should go without saying, that not cleaning carpet floors carries many risks such as irritated skin, allergic reactions, and even a weakened immune system.

A slightly higher proportion of respondents (27.5%) said they only vacuumed their floors, with only 20% of those surveyed saying they vacuumed and vacuumed their carpets.

Probably, one of the reasons why many people do not clean their carpets is because it can take too much time and effort, especially if you live in a house with multiple rooms and floors.

The best cordless vacuum is one device that can help here. They are lightweight, and can easily be converted to a handheld device for carpet cleaning on stairs or other areas off the ground. Most of them have a battery life of more than 60 minutes, so you may even find that you have time to clean the house, and the car, before the battery dies. And let’s be honest – an hour of cleaning doesn’t take up more than your week.

Almost a quarter of us don't clean our carpets - here's why

But if you’re really pushed for time, you can always get the perfect robot vacuum cleaner to move around your home and take care of your chores. One of these little guys will only clean one surface of your house at a time, though, and although getting two is an option, you’ll need two charging bases if you don’t want to move one between floors. will be needed.

The survey also revealed that 17.8% never clean their hard floors. So it’s a good job that vacuum cleaners and robot vacuum cleaners move well over all floors. And hybrid robot vacuums, which can vacuum as well as a mop, are becoming increasingly popular, so your hard floors can get all the attention they deserve with zero effort on your part.

How to Vacuum Effectively

How often should you vacuum your floors? Well, it depends on factors such as the amount of foot and paw traffic on them, how often the rooms are used, and the material of the flooring. As a rule of thumb, the more often you vacuum, the better – and there’s no excuse not to, given that there are many floor care devices that keep carpets clean and tidy. Makes it easy to adapt to your lifestyle

If you don’t have a robot vacuum cleaner to take care of cleaning, here’s how to vacuum properly.

Prepare your space. Remove large pieces of debris such as toys, clothes, and books from the floor. Also, keep an eye on small items like earrings and hair clips.

  1. Select your attachment. Upright vacuum cleaners and cordless vacuum cleaners come with a suite of attachments in addition to the floor head. While the floor head is definitely the best attachment for cleaning floors, tools like the pet tool can be more effective for targeting smaller areas as well as pet hair, while the crevice tool can be used in tighter spaces. Useful for, such as where carpets meet skirting boards.
  2. Plug into a nearby socket. This does not concern owners of cordless vacuum cleaners, but if you have an upright vacuum cleaner or a roll-along model, choosing a plug that allows you to unplug and re-plug The plant will enable the maximum floor area to be cleaned. Make life easier.
  3. Start vacuuming. Push the vacuum away from you in a straight line, then pull the vacuum back towards you at a slight angle – you’re making two imaginary lines in a W shape. Now repeat to make a WW shape.
  4. Remove odors from carpets. To make sure you’re not one of the 27% who shamefully admit they don’t clean their carpets, there’s a very simple hack for the job. Get some bicarbonate of soda from the baking cupboard, and sprinkle it liberally on the carpet or rug. Leave it for at least 15 minutes, then vacuum it up.

Not only will this freshen up the carpet, but it will also help pick up stray pet hair as it loosens the carpet fibers, and it also deodorizes the vacuum cleaner from the inside. Every two months is enough to do this instead of every week.

  1. Maintain your machine. The various attachments you used will need detangling and wiping down, and the filters will also need washing. A vacuum canister, if you have one, will also need to be filled with soap once in a while. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean the vacuum cleaner.


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