Here is the All-Star Tower Defense (ASTD) Trading Tier List 2022

All-Star Tower Defense is a unique tower defense game for Roblox. It’s different because instead of turrets you defend your tower with anime characters. And it features characters from popular series like One Piece, Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, and more. There are different ways to get units in this game and trading is one of them. So, look at the All-Star Tower Defense (ASTD) trading tier list in this guide.

All-Star Tower Defense Trading Tier List

Before we get into the list, this is just my recommendation of the best trading units. You may find some units more valuable than others and may be in a different tier or missing. That’s okay because you can still trade them. Since there are so many trading units in this game I have selected only the best teams that you should trade. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the ranked list of the best trading units.

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TierTrading Unit
S-TierDeath / Ryuk
S-TierLegendary Borul / Broly
S-TierFirst Wood Bender / Hashirama
A-TierClub Beast / Kaido
A-TierWater Goddes / Aqua
A-TierAnti Magician / Liebe
A-TierZaruto (GRR III) / Naruto
A-TierDavi / Dabi
A-TierGhost Girl / Perona
A-TierElemental (Ultimate) / Kakuzu (Ultimate)
A-TierElemental (Water) / Kakuzu
A-TierExpert Sorcerer /  Reigen
B-TierZacuto (GRR II) / Naruto
B-TierElemental Wind / Kakuzu
B-TierChristmas Gift III
B-TierSummer Box III
B-TierFire King / Sabo
B-TierZaruto (GRR I) / Naruto
C-TierKovegu / Gogeta
C-TierRuffy (Zambe) / Luffy (Zombie)
C-TierDungeon Queen (Flare Spirit)
C-TierHog Eyezen / Hogyuko Aizen
C-TierElemental Fire / Kakuzu (Fire)
C-TierJoke Da Fool / Hisoka
C-TierDungeon Queen (Flare Spirit)/Asuna
D-TierRimimaro / Kimimaro
D-TierAll Powerful (Summer) / All Might (Summer)
D-TierThe Assistant / Kabuto
D-TierThe Curse One (Summer) / Yuji Itadori (Summer)
D-TierPuppet / Gowther
D-TierIkki (BW) / Ichigo (Blood War)
D-TierEyezen / Aizen

That covers this All-Star Tower Defense (ASTD) Trading Units Tier List. If you liked this list, be sure to check out our more advanced lists.

What are the 4 best characters in All-Star Tower Defense?

1= Jackson(Muzan)
Great bleed and damage numbers
2= Bird Magician(Avdol)
One of the best characters to deal with burn damage
3= Janji(Wedding)
The best character to inflict burn damage
4= JJ – Siwa(Jolyne Cujoh)
Can stun air units with String Stuns

What does VIP do in All-Star Tower Defense?

VIP All-Star Tower Defense has a game pass that can be found in its store. VIP costs 300 Robux and gives players: Double daily rewards. A special mount, the golden chair.

Is Star pass tradable All-Star Tower Defense?

This unit is currently tradable, which means that it is one of the unobtainable units that you can trade using the limited unit trading system. If you want to trade, click here to go to the trading area. Only Star Passes purchased with Robux are tradable until 7/1/22.

How can I use XP boost ASTD?

To use an XP Boost, you will want to follow these steps:
1= Look for the Boosts menu option. …
2= Once you’ve arrived at the menu, look for the Double XP Boost option.
3= Use the Double XP Boost option to enable the bonus.
4= Play the game and earn double experience!

Learn How do you unlock World 2 ASTD?

World II is a new world that is unlocked by reaching level 100. At the end of the Serpent’s Way, there is a portal that will teleport you into World II. (If you are level 100, you will automatically be teleported to the end of the Serpent’s Way.)


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