All Locations & Effects In Marvel Snap

Here’s a list ofAll Locations & Effects In Marvel Snap. As we all know that in order to win battles in Marvel Snap your deck must be more powerful than the opponent. To do this the player will need to upgrade their cards as soon as they get the chance. However, apart from cards, strategy and locations also play a huge role in the game. This is because even if your card is powerful, locations and their effects can change the game in seconds. So without further ado let’s dive into the list of locations and their effects available in Marvel Snap.

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List of Locations & Effects in Marvel Snap

Here’s a list of all the locations available in Marvel Snap and their unique effects. As of now, there are 70+ locations available in the game and many more are coming soon.

OlympiaDraw 2 cards
Onslaught’s CitadelDouble ongoing effects
Oscorp TowerAll cards here swap sides (After turn 3.)
Project Pegasus5x Energy for this turn.
RuinsThere are no effects for this location.
SakaarPuts 1 card from the player’s hand.
Sanctum SanctorumNo cards can be played here.
MojoworldPlayer with more card here gets 100x Power.
Mt. WundagoreDiscards a card, as soon as you play a card here.
Monster IslandEach player Adds a 9- Power Monster.
Monster MetropolisCard with the highest Power gets 3x Power.
Muir IslandGives 1x power here after each turn
MurderworldDestroys all card after turn 3.
Negative ZoneCards over here will have 3- Power.
New YorkPlayers can move cards to this location after turn 3.
NecroshaWhen a card gets discarded here, it returns to the player.
Nidavellir5x Power for the cards.
K’un-Lun2x Power for the cards.
Kamar-Taj2x On Reveal effects on this location.
Klyntar2- Power for the cards.
KnowhereNo on Reveal effects.
KrakaoTakes over and plays both players cards for them on turn 6
KylnPlayers can’t play cards here after turn 4
AsgardWhoever is winning here draws 2 cards at turn 4.
AtlantisPlayer with 1 card gets 5x Power.
Avengers CompoundAll cards must be played after turn 5
Wakandan EmbassyIn hand card will get 2x Power.
Washington D.C.It gives 3x Power for the cards with no ability.
WeirdworldPlayers will be able to draw from opponents deck.
WestviewSwitches into new location after turn 4.
WorldshipThis destroys the other locations.
X-MansionEach player will get a random card after turn 3.
XandarCards in this locations will get 1x power.
Strange AcademyIt moves all the cards to random location after the Turn 5.
SubterraneaShuffle 5 rocks to the deck.
The Big House4, 5, 6-Cost cards are not playable here.
Bar With no NamePlayer with low Power wins the match.
Baxter BuildingPlayer winning this locations gets extra 3x power.
Central ParkThis location adds a squirril to other locations.
Savage LandThis location adds 2 Raptor at both ends to the location.
ShadowlandThis adds a Ninja with 2- power.
Sinister LondonCopies a card to another location.
The Space ThroneAllows onlys 1 card for both players.
The SuperflowPlayers with no card gets 1x Energy.
The TriskelionGives player random cards.
The VaultNo cards can be played here after turn 6.
Tinkerer’s Workshop1x energy after every turn.
SokoviaThis location discards a  card for both players.
Stark TowerGives all the cards 5x Power after turn 5.
Starlight CitadelChanges the location of cards after turn 3.
Titan1- discount for 6- costing cards.
TransiaShuffles the location of cards.
WakandaCards here can’t be discarded
The HubGives a random card to the players.
ThIce BoxGives a card to both player with 1+ Cost.
The NexusPower from here can be granted to some other location.

All these locations and their unique effects were available in the game. For those who have recently started playing the games, here is a quick overview. In each match the player will arrive at a total of 3 locations, where the first location appears at the beginning. And the other 2 appear only after the 2nd and 3rd round respectively. So in this case it is better to know all the spots and strategize accordingly to overcome them in future.


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