All Fresh Start Servers & Worlds In New World (2022)

All Fresh Start Servers: Here is a list of every Fresh Start Server that will soon be accessible to players in the New World. New World is one of the most well-known Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing games. You can play this game, created by Amazon Game Studios, and explore the universe of Aeternum with your friends. Don’t worry if you’re already playing the game and having trouble claiming a region; the developers have you covered. The participants will encounter a Fresh Start in the New World, where everyone will start again from scratch. You and your buddies will have the opportunity to create and defend entirely new regions in this next upgrade.

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List of All Fresh Start Servers In New World (Waves Release)

Here is a list of every Fresh Start Server you may encounter in the future New World release. These worlds and their servers have been split into 4 Waves that will debut at specific times before we start.

Wave 1

  • Central Europe  Artemis
  • US-West  Yonas
  • South America  Artorius
  • US-East  Medea

The servers for this wave and those that follow will be made available on November 2 at 4 PM UTC.

Wave 2 – New World Fresh Start Servers

  • Central Europe – Gawain
  • US-East – Myrddin

This Wave will be initiated on November 2, at 5 PM UTC

Wave 3

  • US-East – Devourer
  • Central Europe – Apophis

This Wave will be released on November 2, at 6 PM UTC.

Wave 4

  • US-East – Amarah
  • US-West – Ennead
  • Central Europe – Cleopatra
  • South America – Gaea
  • Australia – Sutekh

Wave 4 will be initiated on November 2, at 7 PM UTC

As you can see, there is a one-hour lag between each server region’s release. This rollout strategy has been planned out to prevent turmoil and provide everyone a position on this new playing field. In order to avoid a lockout, be sure to choose a good time to join the servers of your subsequent area.

Yes, if the servers’ queue capacity is reached, they may get locked. To assist you in joining a planet, the developers have pledged to closely monitor each one.

Every player in these new worlds is only allowed to create one character per world. On the other hand, a third spot will be added to the character’s slot as soon as the waves are released. Additionally, no players will be permitted to move their old characters to the New World’s Fresh Start servers.

On November 18, there will also be a Return to Aeternum event. Only the content producers will have access to this event, and they will have their own private servers. To prevent overloaded servers, there will be 4 distinct invite-only servers that can be accessed by invites.


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