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5 Letter Words Ending with ICE: Do you know what stinks? When you buy a big bag of ice to keep in the freezer, you don’t use it fast enough, so half of it solidifies into one big frozen mass. At this point, it’s not icing anymore, it’s ICE. capital and emphasized. Don’t let this ICE get you down, either in real life or in Wordle! Here is a list of 5 letter words ending with ICE for Wordle.

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5 letter words ending with ICE

The tricky thing about words ending with ICE is that, since you already have two letters on the board, the other two letters are probably going to be consonants. This means there are many possible paths to the answers, which can make it a chore.

Fortunately, we’ve got a handy ICE pick in the form of our Wordle Helper utility. Thanks to this handy doodad, we’ve broken down the 12 best words for work, perfect for chilling your drink of choice.

  • voice
  • slice
  • price
  • drice
  • trice
  • spice
  • deice
  • twice
  • juice
  • amice
  • saice
  • grice

Wordle has our entire tray of 5 letter words ending with ICE. If you’re still out in the cold, don’t forget to check out our Wordle section on GamerJournalist. We have new guides and information growing every day to warm up any cool puzzle.


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